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Chimney Repairs

Now is the perfect time to get your fireplace inspected

Most everyone knows that creosote can build up in your chimney and potentially cause your chimney, or worse, your house to catch fire. But did you know that it’s very possible small fires have occurred in your chimney that have gone undetected? Maintaining your chimney is as important as maintaining your roof or doing regular servicing of your car. You want everything in tip top shape so you and your family are safe.

What repairs could you need?

Chimney repairs are important to take care of right away. You can rely on Hearth & Ash to keep your family and home’s best interest at heart. These potential repairs could include:

  • Water leaks – prevents potential chimney destroying damage
  • Chimney issues – repairing and relining helps smoke travel through the chimney more freely
  • Providing Flue servicing & relining – keeps the smoke from flowing in the wrong direction and coming back into your home
  • Chase Covers
  • Chimney Caps

Chimney Inspections

Keeping Your Home and Family Safe

You may wonder why you should get your chimney and firebox inspected every year if you only use your fireplace a few times over the season. The truth is that getting an inspection yearly – usually in the spring after you no longer use your fireplace as regularly – is important not only for the health of your family, but also in order to keep your fireplace and chimney in their best working condition. This is true for wood burning and gas fireplaces.

We offer 3 levels of chimney inspection

Depending on how long it has been since your last inspection we may need to do one of three different inspections.

  • Basic Inspections – if you get a yearly inspection and do not plan on changing your system
  • Mid-Level Inspections – if you are making any system changes or notice any damage
  • Advanced Inspections – if there is serious damage to your chimney

Chimney Cleaning

Get Your Chimney Cleaned Today

Getting your chimney cleaned regularly is important, which is why we offer chimney cleaning to both residential and commercial clients. Remember that creosote can build up in your chimney, potentially igniting and wreaking massive damage to your home?  You can prevent potential fires and dangerous toxins from invading your home with a regular cleaning.

Do you really need to get your chimney cleaned?

Chimney sweeps don’t just show up in movies. They are an important part of keeping your home safe. You may need to get your chimney cleaned if:

  • You notice a foul odor – this could be water leaking into your chimney
  • Smoke fills your room when you light a fire – this could be due to a soot build up
  • You notice soot falling into your fireplace – this could be due to your chimney being clogged
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