Chimney Repairs

chimney cleaning daphne al

We offer chimney repair services in Daphne, Foley & Gulf Shores, AL and surrounding areas.

Don't Wait for Chimney Issues to Get Worse

Leaving your chimney in disrepair can be potentially dangerous for your house and your family. Hearth & Ash focuses on various residential and commercial repairs in Daphne, Foley & Gulf Shores, AL and surrounding areas. We have over 12 years of experience with chimney repair and chimney inspections.

Turn to a professional chimney repair company to get your chimney in tiptop shape.

What repairs could you need?

Chimney repairs are important to take care of right away for the safety of your family. You can rely on Hearth & Ash to keep your family and home's best interest at heart. Potential repairs include:

  • Water leak repairs - prevents potential chimney destroying damage
  • Chimney repair & relining - helps smoke travel through the chimney
  • Flue repair & relining - ensures that smoke does not invade your home

We don't cut corners when it comes to repairs. Contact us today for chimney repair services.