Chimney Inspections

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Get chimney inspections. We service the Daphne, Foley & Gulf Shores, AL and surrounding area.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe

You may be wondering why you should get a chimney inspection if you only use your fireplace a few times a year. The truth is that getting an inspection yearly is important not only for the health of your family, but also in order to keep your chimney in working condition. Turn to Hearth & Ash for your chimney inspection needs in Daphne, Foley & Gulf Shores, AL and surrounding areas.

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We offer 3 levels of chimney inspection

Depending on how long it has been since your last inspection we may need to do one of three different inspections. We offer:

Basic Inspections - if you get a yearly inspection and do not plan on changing your system
Mid-Level Inspections - if you are making any system changes or notice any damage
Advanced Inspections - if there is serious damage to your chimney

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